The Order Of Chaos Are Having “Night Terrors” About Huntress

A sound, a genre, a style, none of it belongs to a single band. That’s understood. Also, plenty of bands have borrowed heavily from other bands throughout the course of heavy metal/hard rock history. This is understood as well. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a band like The Order of Chaos would come along and pay a lot of homage to Huntress.

OK, so a lot of you might be asking, “Who the fuck is Huntress?” No, Huntress isn’t exactly a household name, and because of that it might be a stretch to ask you to make the connection here. Nonetheless, the scratchy vocal style of Amanda “The Wench” Kiernan is hauntingly similar to Jill Janus’ of Huntress. Not only that, but the style of music The Order of Chaos plays on “Night Terror” is virtually identical. As well, the song’s chorus has a pop sensibility about it that could remind some of Pat Benatar.

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It’s not a bad thing to be similar. Shit, the more metal, the merrier! In fact, as the “Night Terror” track began it felt like I had been teleported back to the ‘80s and it was awesome. It wasn’t until Kiernan began to sing that I jumped to the Janus connection.

The Order of Chaos, who hail from Canada, will unleash their new power metal EP, Night Terror, on February 23, 2018. The new EP follows up the band’s highly acclaimed 2015 full-length, Apocalypse Moon (Killer Metal Records) that took the band on tours across China, Europe, and Canada. The three-song EP was produced by Nathan Kidd & Dave Stoten at Method Music Productions in Edmonton, Alberta, and represents the band’s most mature and dynamic songwriting effort to date.

The Order of Chaos stated:

We are incredibly excited to share ‘Night Terror’ with everyone who has supported us through the years as well as all heavy metal fanatics around the world! Our new single presents a new sound and modern direction for The Order of Chaos, one that we couldn’t be more ready to take to the stage!

Rock Hard \m/

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