Discrepancies – “Rock The Show” Video

What the hell is this? St. Louis-based nu metal band, Discrepancies have released their video for “Rock the Show,” which comes from their 2016 album, The Awakening.

Now, as the promo material states, there’s a lot of energy in the song, and honestly the hybrid rap/rock track is fun to listen to, especially the flow. However, it feels like the song jumped right out of the mid-’90s. Maybe that’s the point, but there’s nothing here that hasn’t been done before — white trash rockers assimilating urban culture and feeling legitimate because they got a black rapper. Didn’t Kid Rock do that already?

But all that might be the point, as Discrepancies explains the track:

Our feelings about our album, The Awakening, is that it tackles everything from depression to social-political issues while also shining a light on the darker side of relationships, such as heartbreak and betrayal. But with ‘Rock the Show,’ we wanted to give our audience a chance to step back from their problems by reminding them to enjoy life, if only for these four minutes. ‘Rock the Show’ is a combination of rock and hip-hop with vocals that offer a new twist on the iconic Beastie Boys/House of Pain style of delivery. We just wanted to make it fun.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a great song, but the video is kind of funny. Have a look and judge for yourself.

Rock Hard \m/

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