Hangman Reveals New Clip

I’ll admit, I thought the trailer for Al Pacino’s new movie, Hangman, looked pretty cool. I still do, even if the story looks awfully derivative. Seriously, where else have we seen a killer who antagonizes a cop by leaving a trail of dead bodies? If you’ve detected a note of disappointment, you’re right! After a fairly promising trailer, we’ve been treated to a new clip.

Why on earth was this clip selected as a promotional clip? It looks like something from the bonus features menu on the DVD, specifically, the deleted scenes. Not only that, the acting is hyperbolic and Pacino just looks tired. And what’s the deal with the “paper cup” rant? Wait, or is that the point? Are they trying to pique our curiosities about the paper cut?

Nonetheless, Hangman will be in theaters and On Demand December 22nd. The movie is currently available on Ultra VOD. Karl Urban and Brittany Snow also star.

Hangman Synopsis:

Decorated homicide detective, Ray Archer (Al Pacino), partners with criminal profiler, Will Ruiney (Karl Urban), to catch one of the city’s notoriously vicious serial killers, who is playing a twisted version of murder using the child’s game Hangman, while journalist Christi Davies (Brittany Snow) reports on the crime spree, shadowing the detectives.

Rock Hard \m/

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