Patrick Côté Thinks Georges St-Pierre Is Done At Middleweight

Georges St-Pierre

Former UFC middleweight and welterweight contender Patrick Côté is currently enjoying post life as a retired fighter, but still remains active within the community by running is very own MMA management business.

While giving fans a status update on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Côté dropped his thoughts about Georges St-Pierre’s comeback against Michael Bisping and what’s next for the former reigning welterweight champion. According to Côté, St-Pierre’s run at 185-pound is most likely over.

Côté said,

I don’t want to take anything away from Bisping, I like this guy, he’s a worker, he’s an amazing fighter — but I think that (Georges) had a great opportunity to become champion. But Georges against Whittaker, Georges against a big guy like Romero, stuff like that, I don’t know. Georges is a super athlete, but he doesn’t have anything to prove against those big guys, so I think he’s not going to fight at 185 anymore.

In addition, he also believes St-Pierre’s clash with Bisping at UFC 217 on November 4th was the last time the Canadian will step inside the Octagon.

I think I will not be surprised if (St-Pierre) said, ‘Okay, that’s over. I just wanted to feel that feeling again.’ And you know why I say that, is because it took him so much time to get out of the cage,” Cote said. “He was staying in the cage and he was kind of feeling everything he was able to grab about all the emotion. He was in the cage for almost 20 minutes after the fight, so he was looking away, looking at everything, and he looked like he was grabbing all the energy and just to say, ‘Alright, that was that, I did it. And now I’m not going to miss that anymore.’

St-Pierre, 36, dethroned Bisping for the middleweight strap. At the moment, there’s no official word from GSP or the UFC on what’s next in for the current middleweight champion. Perhaps a title unification bout against UFC interim champion Robert Whittaker is in the works.

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