A Reckoning, A Lost Film About The Last Man On Earth, Or Is He?

A Reckoning is a 2011 post-apocalyptic British film written and directed by Andrew David Barker. It stars Leslie Simpson (Dog Soldiers, Doomday) and Axelle Carolyn (director of Soulmate and Tales of Halloween).

The film follows a lone man struggling to make sense of his life in an empty, crumbling world. Whether he is the last man on Earth, the survivor of some catastrophic apocalypse, or just insane is unknown. To cling on to a sense of normality, he creates straw people whom he interacts with, teaching a “class” at the school. But as his delusions grow stronger, it seems that he might not be alone after all.

A Reckoning was shot under the title Straw Man during January and February of 2009, in the middle of the worst British winter for 30 years. Star Simpson starved himself to achieve the emaciated look on his character.

The movie is something of a lost film, as a dispute between filmmaker Barker and the film’s financiers resulting in the film being lost in legal limbo for many years.

Andrew David Barker was born in Derby, England in 1975. He is an author, screenwriter, and director. In 2011, he wrote and directed an independent feature, A Reckoning. He has since penned two acclaimed coming-of-age novels, The Electric and Dead Leaves, the former currently in development with Arupt Entertainment. He now lives in Warwickshire, England, trying to be a grown up.

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