UFC 217: Georges St-Pierre Returns With A Stunning Victory Over Michael Bisping

Georges St-Pierre is back and better than ever! The former reigning UFC welterweight champion added another stunning win in the history books and did it without missing a single beat inside the Octagon in New York City.

GSP, 36, defeated Michael Bisping in the main event of UFC 217 via technical submission in the third round to become the true middleweight champion and the fourth person in UFC history to become a champion in multiple divisions, previously being the 170-pound kingpin for several years. Besides taking out Bisping, GSP also earned the Performance of the Night bonus.

In the UFC 217 post-fight interview with Joe Rogen, GSP clearer stated that the win was all about “technique, traps, and intelligence,” a skill set he has conquered since his UFC debut in 2004.

Martial arts is not about who’s got the biggest balls. Sorry for my language. It’s about technique, setting traps and intelligence. I was fighting a bigger man and I was trying to prove it tonight to all my fans.

The Canadian is expected the defend and unify the middleweight belts with Robert Whittaker was very complimentary of Bisping despite all the trashing talking in pre-fight press conferences.

He hurt me very hard. A few times, I got stunned. I tried to hide it, but man I wouldn’t like to do that fight again. Oh, f’*ck. Sorry, I don’t want to swear on TV, sorry for that.

Michael, he’s the toughest guy I fought. This man is amazing. I’m a fighter, but I’ve been a fan of this man. He’s a true example of hard work and perseverance in the sport.

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