Astrakhan Announce Album Release Date

Astrakhan have announced the release of their fourth album, Without New Growth Process Is Bloodshed, which will hit shelves on February 1, 2018. The album follows up Astrakhan’s overwhelmingly well-received 2016 release, Reward in Purpose. Check out the album teaser for Without New Growth Process Is Bloodshed, here on Yell! Magazine.


The band had this to say on their forthcoming effort:

The ​album, Without ​New ​Growth ​Process ​Is ​Bloodshed, ​is ​lyrically ​a ​singular ​idea ​broken ​into various ​specific ​points ​or ​examples. ​The ​general ​theme ​of ​the ​album ​is ​the ​idea ​that, ​from ​birth a ​child ​is told ​what ​is ​right ​and ​wrong, ​what ​is ​good ​and ​bad, ​based ​on ​the ​opinions ​of ​the narrow​minded ​individuals ​who ​influence ​them ​through ​their ​upbringing. ​This ​inevitably ​leads ​a curious ​mind ​to ​question ​why ​things ​are ​as ​they ​are. ​This ​preparational ​approach ​to ​education teaches ​children ​to ​grow ​up ​and ​be ​like ​an ​adult ​as ​soon ​as ​possible. ​There ​is ​little ​time ​to ​bask in ​the ​serene ​innocence ​of ​ignorance. As ​we ​come ​of ​age ​and ​develop ​our ​own ​opinions ​and ​beliefs ​we ​struggle ​with ​their ​validity when ​weighed ​against ​the ​opinions ​and ​beliefs ​that ​were ​forced ​upon ​us ​as ​we ​grew ​up. ​An emotionally ​turbulent ​period ​follows ​and ​as ​that ​storm ​passes, ​and ​our ​sight ​clears, ​we ​realize that ​the ​irony ​of ​it ​all ​is ​that ​adults ​spend ​most ​of ​their ​time ​trying ​to ​regain ​the ​innocence ​and happiness ​that ​they ​forfeited ​in ​a ​mad ​rush ​to ​grow ​up.

Without New Growth Process Is Bloodshed was produced and mixed by Jesse Gander (3 Inches of Blood, Baptists, Anciients) at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, BC, and mastered by Stu McKillop (Archspire, A Textbook Tragedy, Unleash the Archers). The album features artwork by Nick Patterson.


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