UFC 217: Luke Rockhold Wants Title Fight Over Georges St-Pierre

Luke Rockhold

Following Luke Rockhold’s decisive win over David Branch on Saturday night, the former one-time middleweight champion put a new twist on calling out a title fight.

During the post-fight interview in the main event of UFC Pittsburg, Rockhold made it clear that Georges St-Pierre doesn’t belong in the middleweight division, urging the former welterweight champion to “get out” while he still can.

Rockhold said,

GSP. I don’t know what I need to do. You want me to beat some sense into you? You don’t belong here. You’re gonna get crushed. You better back out. Get out of this thing while you still can. This is my fight. This is my fight and I’ll be there sooner than you motherf**ker. Let’s go.

In addition, the Santa Cruz UFC fighter with 6 dominant wins under the UFC banner also mentioned that he will be ready to fight for the title in November.

I’m ready to go. I got no injuries, I’ll be ready for November. Don’t embarrass yourself GSP, just back out, let me take this thing. It’s my fight.

GSP is official booked to face Michael Bisping for the middleweight title at UFC 217 on November 4th. However, Rockhold clearly thinks he is next in line regardless.

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