48 Meters Down Moving Forward With Director Johannes Roberts

48 Meters Below

Those of you who enjoyed this past summer’s shark film 47 Meters Below can start looking forward to a sequel. In fact, it’s a bloody new installment which takes place an extra meter below.

THR reported earlier this week that director Johannes Roberts (The Strangers 2) will return and direct 48 Meters Down from a screenplay he co-wrote with Ernest Riera. Apparently, the sequel is now set in the waters of Brazil instead of Mexico this time around.

A group of girls looking for adventure in the coastal metropolis of Recife. Hoping to get off the well-worn tourist trail, they hear about some hidden underwater ruins only to find that the turquoise waves of their secret Atlantis aren’t completely uninhabited.

Fyzz Facility is producing the great white shark project again and is probably targeting a 2018 release. Stay tuned to Yell! Magazine for much more daily news in horror.

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