Jackals (2017) – I’m Talking To You [Red Band Clip]

A disturbing confrontation between a man and a murderous cult member opens the door to intriguing thoughts about Kevin Greutert’s upcoming horror film, Jackals. This exclusive clip obtained by Daily Dead features Stephen Dorff trying to reason with a dangerous mind, who only means deadly business without any words to say.

Jackals is disturbing vision of a fractured family that will do anything to get their estranged son back from a murderous cult, only to find themselves under siege when the cultists surround their cabin. A vicious battle unfolds, testing familial loyalties and unleashing a bloodbath in which there are few survivors.

Directed by Greutert and written by Jared Rivet, Jackals stars Deborah Kara Unger (Crash, Silent Hill), Ben Sullivan (Hell on Wheels, Stonewall), Chelsea Ricketts (Scream Queens, True Blood), and Nick Roux (Jane by Design), with Johnathon Schaech (That Thing You Do!, Arsenal) and Stephen Dorff (Blade, Leatherface).

The film is now out in select theaters and VOD from Scream Factory.

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