[PIC] R.I.P. Sonny Landham (1941-2017)

Sonny Landham

American actor and stunt man, Sonny Landham (The Warriors, Best of the Best 2) who is best known for his powerful performance as Billy Sole, an elite commando who once faced the greatest hunter in the universe in Predator has passed away at the age of 76.

According to multiple online sources, Landham died from a congestive heart failure on August 17th at a hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. His sister Dawn Boehler recently confirmed the news to let fans know of the sad situation.

Landham played in several films throughout the years such as Maximum Force, 48 Hrs., Billy Lone Bear, Poltergeist, Carnival of Wolves, Southern Comfort and Mental Scars, just to name a small few.

R.I.P. Landham!

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