UFC 214: Daniel Cormier Breaks Silence After Title Loss To Jon Jones

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier may have fell short in his rematch with Jon Jones at UFC 214, but the fight will go down as one of the greatest rematches in the history of the UFC.

In an interview on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Cormier finally broke silence since his loss at UFC 214. The two-time Olympian still feels “bummed out” about the rematch with Jones, but he is ready to put all that behind him now and start looking forward to the future in the Octagon.

Cormier said,

It’s a tough pill to swallow, You’ve got to remember, I’m a guy who wants to be the best. I train hard, I work hard and I feel like I was ready to go. I feel like I was prepared, and I was very disappointed in the result of the fight. But as I’ve looked back on it, I was upset, but I think a lot of the sadness came from — I feel like my coaches, I felt like they had done such a tremendous job of preparing me for this particular event, and for me to not be able to get the job done, that’s where I think a lot of my sadness came from.

Obviously I was disappointed with the fight, but I felt bad for the people closest to me, because I felt like they had invested so much and had done so much to prepare me, and I was ready to go.

Despite the loss, Cormier believes he will meet Jones again in a trilogy.

I would expect [people] to say, ‘You know what, man, this guy wears his heart on his sleeve.’ But the silver lining is — I mean, it’s great that people are supporting me, but the silver lining does not erase the bottom line. The bottom line is that I didn’t get the job done, and that’s what sticks with me, so those are the things that I have to go back and work on, not really from a fighting standpoint, but just from a ‘me kinda living my life’ standpoint. At the end of the day, I have to accept that I did not get the job done, and I’m going to have to do something very special to get the opportunity to do it again, and I’m going to. I am honestly going to work to find a way to get myself locked back into the Octagon with that man. I have to.

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