Bruce Willis Is Elderly Man Of Mayhem In Eli Roth’s Death Wish [VIDEO]

The elderly man of mayhem is back! But this time Bruce Willis takes on the role originally played by Charles Bronson in the classic tale of urban revenge, Death Wish.

Horror director Eli Roth (Knock Knock, The Green Inferno) directed the fresh take on the 1974 vigilante film, which is entirely based on the complex novel by Brian Garfield. Following months of production and bringing Death Wish to life, we now have the very first green band trailer.

Paul Kersey becomes a divided person: A man who saves lives, and a man who takes them; a husband and father trying to take care of his family, and a shadowy figure fighting Chicago crime; a surgeon extracting bullets from suspects’ bodies, and the vigilante called “The Grim Reaper” who detectives are quickly closing in on.

The film also stars Vincent D’Onofrio (The Magnificent Seven, TV’s Daredeviland Law & Order: Criminal Intent), Elisabeth Shue (Leaving Las Vegas), Camila Morrone, Dean Norris (Breaking Bad) and Kimberly Elise (The Great Debaters).

Death Wish is set for release on November 22, 2017.

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