Amon Amarth Fight On “The Way Of Vikings”

From their latest album, Jomsviking, Amon Amarth has released the new video for the killer track, “The Way of Vikings.”

While the video is fantastically shot, I think the band (or director) missed the mark given the song’s title. Sure, the visuals go with the lyrical theme of friends doing battle, but little else makes sense. For one, the era is all wrong, which seems to be 19th century (despite the flickering fluorescent lights and TVs). Perhaps they got tired of shooting videos featuring epic viking battles. Also, while the shots that combine slow motion and a more natural speed are great to see, the overuse of them makes me think a kid with a brand new iPhone shot the video.

Anyway, let us know what you think in the comments section below. And if you haven’t, go get Jomsviking, it’s a killer album.

Also, catch one of their shows while on tour in Europe. Dates can be found here.


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