MMA: Insane Comback After Being Choked Out Unconscious [VIDEO]

Those of you who want to see an insane comeback in combat sport should watch the video embedded on this page. If you watch then you are about to see something spectacular from a MMA event that took place in Antalya, Turkey.

On Wednesday, at ACB 64, bantamweight fighter Nashkho Galaev and Denis Mutsnek put on an exciting show for fans. In the very first round, Mutsnek choked out Galaev, who went unconscious for a few seconds without the referee interfering the submission. Most refs in North America would have instantly stopped the fight, but for some mysterious reason this fight went on. Fortunately, Galaev recovered early in the second round, allowing him to later finish Mutsnek with a knee.

Galaev, 25, now moves on with a five-fight win streak in his MMA career. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get into more situations like this in the not too distant future.

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