Fantasia Screening: A Ghost Story

Perhaps not the typical movie we cover here on Yell! Magazine, but a supernatural movie it is. Although it sounds like there might be some plot crossover with that Sandra Bullock movie, but David Lowery’s A Ghost Story sounds like it has a slightly darker edge weaved into its love story about mortality.

About A Ghost Story:

Playing a couple simply listed as C and M in the end credits, Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara reunite with writer/director David Lowery in A Ghost Story, a meditation on love, loss, and the longing for connection – one of the big-buzz films to come out of the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Affleck and Rooney previously starred in Lowery’s acclaimed Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (2013).

C (Affleck) and M (Mara) are living in a faded ranch house, when he’s killed in a car accident at the end of their driveway. Reappearing as a ghost, clad in a white sheet with dark holes for eyes, he returns to the home and life he loved, helplessly observing as his wife mourns. In a riveting four-minute scene, M devours a whole pie in one sitting, each bite mirroring her pain.

Days, weeks, and even years pass, as C haunts the house, sometimes throwing plates in frustration. M disappears into her separate future. New residents come and go – with C bound to the space occupied by the home. Imprisoned by his inability to accept the situation, he is forced to watch passively as the world changes dramatically. What will it take to get him to let go?
Novel casting includes singer/actor, Will Oldham, who waxes about human legacy, and singer, Kesha, who appears at a party in a cameo.


Shot in Lowery’s native Texas, the film is in a boxy 1:33 aspect ratio, with rounded corners, reminiscent of an old photo. Long takes, tight close-ups, and a gliding camera give the story an unnerving feel.

This film – which Lowery began shooting just two days after finishing the 2016 hit Pete’s Dragon – places him in the rare company of artists equally at home in studio productions and intimate indies.

A Ghost Story is screening in Montreal at the Fantasia Film Festival on July 14th, at Théâtre Hall Concordia. After that, the film will open in Montreal, Quebec City, and Sherbrooke on August 4th.

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