Neill Blomkamp Launches Oats Studios And Teases First Short Film [VIDEO]

Those of you who are fans of James Cameron’s Aliens will be thrilled to see Neill Blomkamp’s latest short film, Oats Studios Volume 1. A teaser for the film was released this week, which appears to pay homage to a number a sci-fi classics such as the beloved Aliens and Predator.

Following a serious attempt to make another sequel in the Alien franchise, Blomkamp has launched an independent, VFX-centric production company called Oats Studios. A studio which will allow creative freedom and focus on high audience engagement outside of Hollywood studios. Most short films will be available for free on the studio’s YouTube page and a few priced version will be ready for streaming on Steam.

According to Blomkamp, short films that are well received could be turned into full-length projects for the big screen. The very first short entitled Volume 1 already appears to have positive feedback, so I expect to see tons of success from this new studio.

For more details, please visit the official website.

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