Gaining Cisco Certification with PrepAway: A Badge of Importance to Every IT Professional

As a pioneering name in networking, Cisco has got no time to slow down. The same goes for the companies which employ Cisco services through the years. Recruiters and employers have always been sharp as a knife in getting hold of IT professionals who are not only skillful but updated of the demands in the present generation. Considering the ever-changing and progressing milieu of IT technology, the competition for a seat in several leading companies is still as tight as ever. That is why many IT aspirants decide to obtain a credential that they know will help keep them in the loop – a Cisco Certification. This is an exceptional badge that every qualifier in the game doesn’t sleep on.

For the newcomers and experts in IT, understanding the importance of Cisco certification is only the beginning. Once you learn why it’s among the must-haves in creating a successful career path, you’ll be having yours sooner than expected. Through our list, we’ll help give you more idea on how vital the role Cisco Certification plays in your profession.

A launchpad for higher-level certifications

Obtaining your Cisco certification can be a leap of faith. You still have to go through the process of diligent training and study sessions before you get the stamp of success. However, by the time you acquire your first certification, say the CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician), your place in networking, may it be in the branch of Wireless, Security, R&S, Design are not only recognized but prioritized. Once you’ve taken your first step in Cisco, you’ll be met with even more steps that will finally lead you to the top of the staircase. You can then proceed to associate, professional, and expert-level certifications such as CCNP and CCIE.

Get an eminent IT seal

Declaring your skills and knowledge as a networking professional is one thing. But having a credible source to back your claim is another discussion. More than your appearance, the very first thing that the company set their eyes on is the potential importance in your CV. A badge coming from Cisco goes a long way for candidates like you, who are held on a tight competition. Even though you really are skillful and knowledgeable, you need to have that credibility that proves you are what you say you are. And having any credential from Cisco, be it the CCNA R&S or CCNP Data Center, will grant you that authenticity immediately.

A vessel for knowledge

Tapping into the world of Cisco will let you access valuable information about Networking. If you enter Networking with only a little understanding of its fundamental concepts, getting the certification will allow you to appear on the podium knowledgeable and flexible. You will be introduced to the ins and outs of the internet, networking, and everything that falls under the subject of your interest. Studying different study resources such as PrepAway enables you to learn more about the certification., among the trusted go-to for Cisco certifications offered in the market, gives you more understanding of the exam questions and answers on the subject. If you’re not new to networking, on the other hand, the certification process will help you grasp additional knowledge that will further enhance you as a professional and lead you to greener pastures in the competitive field where certified candidates stand on.

Iron your Technical and Non-technical skills

Beginning your path in taking the certificate creates a lot of benefits for you as a promising network professional. Besides the fact that you will gain more insights and information related to networking, you will also get the chance of expanding your skill set. Practicing the exam samples available in study resources like PrepAway is a springboard in refreshing your practical skills. PrepAway offers a good platform in preparing candidates for the actual certification exam. These skills will aid you in handling the duty of performing various networking tasks. Not only that, but you will also reap non-technical skills along the way. All these will be beneficial in building your character and sense of responsibility in responding to the different performance-related assignments.

Cisco is the benchmark of network services

The IT industry, in general, recognizes the caliber and enduring services Cisco provides. Over the years, it has become a yardstick for companies when it comes to their up-to-date software and equipment. Once you get your certification ticket, you’ll be attaching your name to one of the top-notch names in the industry. In other words, the eminence that Cisco has garnered can be passed down to you and to all your future professional endeavors.

Give birth to a sought-after Cisco certified professional!

As the words of Erich Fromm follows, “Man’s main task in life is to give birth to himself.’ Connecting it to the field of IT, your task mainly consists of creating yourself an identity that will make recruiters and managers leech on your agility and brainpower. Updates and important innovations are constantly and tirelessly given birth to in the past-faced track of networking and other IT-related jobs. To level yourself up with the parade, you need to be an exceptional professional of your chosen profession. About the smartest way to attain that is by seeking after a Cisco certification, which in return will make you a sought-after candidate in whatever path you have signed up for. Thus, if you choose to become the CCNA R&S certified specialist, you can opt for such positions as a network administrator, network analyst, or systems administrator. If set the goal to get the CCNA Security credential you get all the chances to build a successful career of the information security analyst, cybersecurity engineer, security engineer.


The Cisco Certification doesn’t just fall into any hands. It only fits those who are diligent and determined ones who truly understand the value of the certification and the demands of the market. Pursue yours and let Cisco, as well as Prepaway, make this journey adventurous and worthy.

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