Daniel Cormier On Jon Jones: “You Cheated. I know What You Did”

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is expected to make a return later this year following a one-year suspension from USADA for testing positive for estrogen blockers in a pre-fight drug test ahead of UFC 200. With that in mind, current dominant champion Daniel Cormier and No.1 contender Anthony Johnson have no choice, but have him on the radar since there’s a good chance one of them will be forced to defend the belt against Jones in the very near future.

While doing an interview to promote UFC 210, Johnson mentioned that Jones’ presence in the UFC will “always be around, regardless of what happened.” That comment didn’t sit too well with Cormier, who vented some bitter frustration toward his former rival.

You kind of expect it, but there’s only one problem with Anthony’s answer, I think we’ve got to stop saying, ‘Regardless of what happened.’ We know what happened. We know exactly what he did. So when we say stuff like, ‘Regardless of what happened,’ or we don’t state the facts, it’s almost like we’re sweeping it under the rug. We know what he did. We know the bad things that he did. We know that he tried to cheat. We know all this stuff. So I get annoyed because I’m like, ‘Why are you asking me about a guy that, three days before we were supposed to fight, pissed hot?’ That’s the stuff that annoys me, not the fact that he’s a good fighter. He’s a great fighter.

According to Cormier, he knows exactly what happened with Jones and chooses not to forget any of his reckless past, regardless if Jones is considered the greatest light heavyweight ever.

You cheated. You also smashed into somebody’s car and ran away. I know what you did. If everybody else wants to ignore it, they can. I’m not.

Cormier meets Johnson this Saturday night at UFC 210 for a light heavyweight title rematch. The event will be held on April 8, 2017 at the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York.

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