Cody Garbrandt Has Plans To Be The First 3 Belt UFC Champion [VIDEO]

Conor McGregor cemented himself as the first ever two-division title holder in the UFC when he conquered the featherweight division and then moved up to take the lightweight belt from Eddie Alvarez. Now, UFC bantamweight champion Cody “No Love” Garbrandt has hunger to make history again.

In an interview Aubrey Marcus on his podcast, Garbrandt outlined his plans to be the UFC’s first three-division champion starting first by defending his belt against former Team Alpha Male teammate T.J. Dillashaw, then moving down to flyweight for a superfight with Demetrious Johnson.

I can beat that dude for sure. I can go to ‘25. Obviously, it’s TJ [Dillashaw] first and foremost. I’m solely focused on him, but you gotta think of other – Conor’s out. Conor’s not fighting. Aldo and Holloway are fighting, so that ties up [that division].

Now, Demetrious, he’s the pound-for-pound best – justifiably so, an incredible fighter, great human. I like him a lot. And his family. But for me, it’s a legacy that I set out to build. Friendships are friendships but it’s business at the end of the day and I think that I can go on as a huge fight, especially for that division. It’s kind of lackluster a lot.

Then the 25 year old champion will settle business in the lightweight division, if Jose Aldo remains the champion. He would like grab his belt too for a third and cement UFC history.

Jose Aldo, I would like to fight him as well. He’s the champion right now. He has wins over my teammates too, so that’s something. Our camp knows Aldo. If my time is up to go up to ‘45, and Aldo’s still the champion, I’d love to go against another legend, be a three-time [champion]. Hopefully, I’ll have 10 more years of fighting to be able to capture those.

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