Riksha Video: “Five Stages Of Numb”

As we said last summer, Nu Metal is again on the rise. Capping the crest of that revival was Limp Bizkit’s reunion and tour.

Now it’s time for newer Nu Metal bands to emerge, such as Riksha, who have recently released the official video for their track, “Five Stages of Numb,” which is the title track of their upcoming album (May 12, 2017). Five Stages of Numb was recorded at Elevate Studios by notable producer and drummer for Chelsea Grin, Pablo Viveros. Album art was provided by Die Elster.


Upon my first listen to the track, I found definite elements of Coal Chamber, maybe some Disturbed, and the clean vocals have a Tool vibe to them. Catch the video right here on Yell! Magazine and decide for yourself.

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Pre-orders can be made here.

About Riksha

Riksha takes four guys and squeezes out as much sound and energy as possible. With a combination of both melodic and in your face vocal and guitar styles, Riksha hammers away with a musical montage of aggression, power, and strength to create a new and bold sound.

Riksha have released two previous studio albums recorded by Bruce Kirby at Boho Digitalia Studios — Dream Drops Red, released through Dark Harvest Records, and the independently released Night Begins. Riksha burned up the underground metal scene in 2012, winning Project Independent’s Industry Panel Favorite voted on by a panel of producers, A&R reps, and record company owners. Since then, the band has purchased a 1973 Eagle Tour Bus and has hit the road throughout the U.S.

Rock Hard \m/

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