Trigon Pays Tribute On “Nightmare” – Freddy’s Coming For You

Heads up horror fans and metal fans alike! Three-piece hard rock outfit, Trigon, have a new track, “Nightmare,” and on it they’re paying tribute to A Nightmare on Elm Street and the infamous titular character, Freddy Krueger.

freddy kruegerHow sweet, fresh meat!

“Nightmare” is a fantastic track that doesn’t just pay homage to a classic horror franchise, but it also pays homage to a bygone rock era, replete with the same era’s pop sensibilities. Heck, it might even go back to The Doobie Brothers (think “Long Train Running”), despite press stating similarities to Volbeat, The Offspring, Metallica, Green Day, and the Misfits. Whatever their sound, if you don’t find Trigon’s “Nightmare” catchy, then there might be something wrong with your genetic makeup.

“Nightmare” is found on Trigon’s upcoming album, Fed Up, which will be released on March 24th. The album features 11 tracks of rock and roll that’s sure to please your ear buds!

Vocalist and bassist Emanuel Viau commented on Trigon’s sound:

Rock and roll ain’t dead. Lemmy would be proud! Fed Up is about living in the millennium, day-to-day challenges, high and low points of life, religion, the corrupt world we live in, and being brainwashed by our leaders. The album will grow on fans with its crafty riffs, good lyrics, and good beats. We wanted to make fans feel like they are the ones who wrote the songs!

About Trigon:

Trigon_Press_Photo_2017It’s not the throne of the seven kingdoms, but it’ll do!

There is something special and magical about the three-piece band (often called a power trio, and there is indeed, special power in three!). You need only think of such bands as Venom, Cream, Whiplash, Taste, Motorhead, Bathory, and Celtic Frost for proof. For in a power trio there is a purity of essence, the band’s vision honed to razor-like intensity.

Trigon is inspired by artists as diverse as Volbeat, Crobot, David Wilcox, System of a Down, Nirvana, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, and Slayer, yet already they have forged their own unique sound.

Bassist and vocalist Emanuel Viau explains the origin of Trigon’s unique name:

We wanted something catchy that would be easy to remember. It had to represent the number three because we are a three-piece band. So, to us, Trigon means three-in-one like a triangle and that explains our logo — the Trigon beast with six eyes.

Emanuel also summed up Trigon’s intentions:

Fans can expect a lot more out of Trigon. We are just getting started. The dedication to our fans is always there… they are number one to us! We are a positive band hoping to reach out to people and give them songs they can relate to. At our live shows they can expect maximum energy and excitement. We aim to make the people at the back come to the front!


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