Fear Is Dead Release “Gotta Go” Video

New York’s Fear Is Dead is being pushed as “post nu metal,” which, in my opinion isn’t anything to be proud of. The band has released the new video for the track “Gotta Go” from their 2015 release, Eleutherophobia.

Now, the video isn’t horrible, meaning that it at least tells a story, but it relies heavily on sex appeal. The track isn’t bad either, however, it does sound a little empty in places, like it could use a little more fill between the spaces. But the big thing about the track is how familiar it sounds, especially where the main guitar riff is concerned.

It took me a minute, but after rifling through the riffs lodged in my memory of such bands as Korn and Clutch and maybe some Limp Bizkit, I finally had the eureka moment! Now, I’m not a fan, but neither am I immune to the “hits” of Disturbed, and there’s no doubt that the main riff on Fear Is Dead’s “Gotta Go” is damn near a carbon copy of Disturbed’s “Sickness.” I won’t even make you search YouTube for the track for comparison’s sake:

If the similarities don’t “disturb” you and you’re still interested, you can buy Eleutherophobia on iTunes.

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Rock Hard \m/

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