Bury The Rod Toe The Metal Line On “Conformed To Death”

Bury The Rod has released the lyric video for “Conformed to Death,” off of their, sophomore EP Harvest. Check out the Scott Rudd-directed video right here on this page and let us know what you think of the track in the comments section below.

Says guitarist/programmer Nik Kefalas:

The track ‘Conformed to Death’ displays the range of aggression that this band represents. Lyrically, with our disdain towards the status quo and musically, showcasing the elements of the extreme music that we have grown to love. This song captures the essence of what Bury the Rod is.

Bury The Rod Live Dates:

02/27 @ Grizzly Hall – Austin, TX (w/ Alterbeast, Depths of Hatred, Aenimus, Aethere)
03/29 @ Grizzly Hall – Austin, TX (w/ Angelmaker, Falsifier, Extortionist, Filth)
Summer 2017 National Tour Dates TBA

bury the rod harvest album cover

About Bury the Rod:

Hailing out of Austin, Texas, Bury the Rod is a five-piece outfit catering to lovers of aggressive music. Blending aspects of groove in the vein of acts such as Hailing. Blending aspects of groove in the vein of acts such as Meshuggah, Car Bomb, and Ion Dissonance with the blistering speed of death metal blast beats and tremolo picked riffs, and a tinge of aggressive breakdowns, Bury the Rod creates a sound that can often not be labeled into any one sub-genre of heavy metal. In their short career, the band has already established their presence in the Texas heavy circuit playing alongside some of the biggest shows to hit the state, including Whitechapel, Cattle Decapitation, Abiotic, Fit for an Autopsy, Rings of Saturn, Ion Dissonance, and Winds of Plague. With multiple small tours, multiple festival appearances, as well as most recently touring alongside label mates Filth and Reign, Bury the Rod is making a point to ensure that they are here to stay. With the release of their sophomore EP Harvest, Bury the Rod again solidifies that they are a heavy act to be reckoned with.

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