Wolfheart Release “Boneyard” Video

Wolfheart have dropped the new video for “Boneyard.” The single paves the way for Tyhjyys, the band’s third full-length, out March 3, 2017.

There’s nothing spectacular about the video; it’s just a live concert-shot video of the band performing. At the very least, however, the video and the track serve as a great introduction to the band. The track is pretty awesome with great riffs and epic proportions.

In regard to the video, and I get that we’re not hearing the live audio, it is a little disappointing that Wolfheart didn’t play the acoustic break in the song on stage. The same thing happened when we saw Fleshgod Apocalypse last November. It might be just me, but these metal bands need to break out the acoustic guitar and treat their fans to some diversity instead of relying on playback. Seriously, if I wanted to listen to a recording I would stay home and save myself the ticket price.

Other than that, “Boneyard” is an awesome track even if the video leaves something to be desired.

Rock Hard \m/

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