Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard Reveal Album Teaser And Other Details

Ranging in sound from swampy Louisiana blues to Marilyn Manson to Rob Zombie to just straight-ahead hard rock comes Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard. The band is preparing to release their debut album, Supersonic Rock’N Roll on February 24, 2017, via Napalm Records. Get a taste of what’s to come via the album teaser in the player on this page.

Ran from the Aussie band stated:

It’s done and dusted, fuel up the bus and stock the fucking fridge with beer I’m ready to tour. I just think this album spits and lurches with Aussie rock, and Europe and USA are going to fucking love it.

It’s not just one speed, it’s not just stoner rock or dirty blues, its what we like, and what we write at the time, fuck, the next album could be saxophone ballads for all we know, Kenny fucking G! Stick us on a stage and we will win em over, through abuse and love, its one and the same, i fucking love you, i fucking hate you… now give me a hug.

Supersonic Rock’N Roll track listing:

1. Grind The Grinder
2. Dead Smile
3. Galactic Motherfucker
4. Love For Speed
5. Roll’n Burn
6. Fight Fight Fight
7. Supersonic Rock’n Roll
8. Bad Boy Benny
9. God Of No
10. Judas
11. Sick Sad City (Bonus Track)

Supersonic Rock’N Roll will be available as a four page Digipack with a bonus track and as a very special Single LP Gatefold edition limited to 300 copies worldwide! Pre-orders will be available shortly!


Rock Hard \m/

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