Fistula Digitally Releases The Shape Of Doom To Cumm)))


Ohio-based pessimists/miserycore veterans, Fistula, unleashed their The Shape of Doom to Cumm))) full-length on vinyl last month. The nihilistic, seven-track album was recorded, mastered, and produced by Dave “Big Metal” Johnson (Soulless, Midnight, Incantation) in Cleveland, features guest guitarist David Szulkin from Blood Farmers and Church Of Misery, and comes shrouded in the cover renderings of Eric C. Harrison, formerly of Grief.

Initially limited to 500 vinyl copies in three color variations (100 splatter, 200 clear green, and 200 black still available for purchase here) the band is now releasing the record digitally via the Patac Records Bandcamp page. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the previously released “Serial Vapist” and “Sabbath Wants to do a Split With Me.”

In conjunction with the digital release of The Shape of Doom to Cumm))), today exposes the noxious sounds of “Promiscuity Ingenuity.”


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