Krepitus Challenge Thrash And Death, Offer Free Album Download


I’m not sure how a band can challenge the relationship between thrash metal and death metal, you know, since death metal emerged as an evolution of thrash. Nonetheless, this is the platform Calgary’s Krepitus is campaigning on. Judging from a cursory listen of Krepitus’ debut album, The Eyes of the Soulless, it sounds mostly like death metal, maybe progressive death. Sure there are thrash metal elements in the riffing, but, really, what death metal doesn’t have elements of thrash metal riffing in it?

As mentioned, Krepitus’ debut album is The Eyes of the Soulless, and it was released on November 25th. Right now, however, you can head over to the band’s Bandcamp page and snag yourself a free download.


Rock Hard \m/

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