Nathaniel Shannon’s “Debutantes” Video Is Gory And Cannibalistic!

Nathaniel Shannon and the Vanishing Twin have released the full-length debut Trespasses, and to help usher it in the video for “Debutantes” has also been unleashed. If you have the stomach for disembowelment and feasting on organs, then have a watch in the player on this page.

Trespasses features 15 tracks that were recorded over a 10-year period by multi-instrumentalist Shannon in his bedroom.

“Debutantes” is based loosely on Japan’s cannibal turned pop-culture figure Issei Sagawa, the song unfolds from his point of view — lust turning deadly not out of evil, but out of a blissful yearning to be one with his object of desire. Directed by Pit Full of Shit’s Frank Huang, the video’s fitting nod to grindhouse aesthetics also flips the narrative’s gender roles, placing a woman in the lead as a patient, methodical, and blood-thirsty stalker.

Available in Aqualamb’s signature format, the Trespasses LP comes accompanied by a beautiful 140+ page printed book featuring original photo-collage images assembled specifically for the album. Also included are Shannon’s handwritten lyrics, making for a truly sublime debut album package.

Order the album and book at here.

Shannon describes the album as:

… a fantastical exploration into the mind of a person trying to hold his composure, and not let his inner demons loose. These songs are inspired by true situations I have read about, experienced, or created as an exercise in living out the life of characters who aren’t real, but could be. This is the soundtrack for a horror film that doesn’t exist.


Rock Hard \m/

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