Voltang Sing About A Botched Murder On “Lunatic Slick”

Just in time for Halloween is “Lunatic Slick,” the disturbing new track about a botched murder from Canadian punk band, Voltang. Check out the lyric video on this page for a deeper understanding.

Musically it hits on a number of genres, but mostly a post-hardcore sound dominates the blend.

“Lunatic Slick” will be available on Voltang’s upcoming sophomore album, Bad Sounds. Album pre-orders can be made here.

The first edition will be available only at live shows, starting October 21st, in Hamilton (tour dates listed below). This will include a limited run (100 units), which will include a six page booklet of art by temper temper released only on these 100 copies.

On October 31, 2016, the album will drop on Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming/download services. Physical copies beyond the first-edition run will include a 12-page booklet of all the lyrics.

More About Voltang:

In 2014, Voltang burst onto the scene playing over 40 shows in their first 12 months, earning a reputation with fans as an artist with an extremely high-energy, unpredictable live experience. Their unique self-created genre of “Raunch & Roll” combines influences of rock, blues, hardcore, metal, and more. This atypical sound lands Voltang on stages with artists of just about every genre that makes a crowd want to move. The band released it’s debut album, Hermaphroditē in June 2015, and have been steadily touring Canada since. The band is set to release their second album, Bad Sounds on Halloween.


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