UFC 206: Dana White Denies GSP vs. Anderson Silva Rumor

GSP vs. Anderson Silva

UFC 206, potentially the biggest fight card of the year after UFC 205, but since a main event isn’t tied to the superbowl weekend card, we can’t label it “biggest” yet. However, rumor of an epic headliner for UFC 206 has been circulating this week.

Epic! Meaning Georges St-Pierre returning to face Anderson Silva. That’s the current rumor, according to UFC fighter Patrick Cote and Silva’s son Kalyl. But it appears like UFC President Dana White has other intentions for UFC 206, and that’s not one of them.

White shoots down the rumor entirely. Speaking with Dan Hardy for BT Sport after UFC 204, White reaffirmed that GSP has no plan to return to MMA.

That’s not true. So not true. I know everybody keeps talking about — GSP isn’t even close. I’m telling you again, I don’t think GSP wants to fight. I keep saying this. You guys know fighters as much as I know fighters, do you think GSP wants to fight? GSP wasn’t crazy about fighting when he was fighting! Now three years later he’s just dying to fight? He’s not. I don’t think he is.

White also added,

That fight is definitely not gonna happen. I don’t think GSP ever returns. And in some cases, that’s not a bad thing. The guy retired, he went out on top, he’s looked at as one of the greatest to ever do it and I just think he lost that fire a long time ago. For some reason – he’s got his own person reasons – he likes to keep his name out there like he might be coming back and everybody is anticipating his return, but at the end of the day I don’t think he wants it.

UFC 206 currently features a rematch between Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson for the light heavyweight belt, but it’s still uncertain if they will be the headliner.

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