Metaller Headbangs To Slayer During Hurricane Matthew [VIDEO]

Hurricane Matthew is a pure fucking disaster. I feel sorry for anyone who has to experience this deadly cyclone. On October 6, U.S. President Barack Obama declared a Federal state of emergency for Florida, later extending to include Georgia and South Carolina.

Most sane residents evacuated instantly, but one metaller took matters into his own hands with a bit of help from a metal band named Slayer. While Hurricane Matthew hit land, this dude cranked up Slayer’s fan favorite song “Raining Blood” and headbanged his way through the thick rain and strong winds. It was pure insanity, but he stood his ground like a champion.

Check out his viral video clip to see it with your own eyes. By the way, it’s Reign In Blood‘s 30th anniversary. What a way to celebrate the epic album!

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