Cokegoat Is As Good As Their Name


Chicago-based Cokegoat score big on the heavy, down-tempo, and bleak new track “Nurture.” Have a listen at

The track comes by way of Cokegoat’s new album, Drugs and Animals, which will be released on November 25th. The band issued the following statement about the album:

Drugs and Animals is a tall refreshing Long Island Ice Tea in a craft cocktail world. It’s trashy, it will get you fucked up, and you’ll probably wake up in a strange place needing a double dose of antibiotics. To quote producer/engineer Andy Nelson during the recording sessions, ‘This album is dense.’ Since our 2013 debut LP Vessel, countless group texts have helped Cokegoat achieve growing friendships, razor sharp focus, mental stability, financial instability, and a more advanced writing process. In other words, we are beyond stoked to get this record to your earholes.

For more info about Drugs and Animals and about ordering, hit up the Cokegoat’s Bandcamp page.


About Cokegoat:

Founded in the Windy City during the summer of 2011, Cokegoat embraces the inherent evil of the earth and the soul. Planets dying, earth eating man, ocean birthing fear, moon swallowing heavens… 2013 saw the release of the debut album Vessel. Sludgelord gushed, “Vessel is an album of distorted chaos… chaotic, angry, brilliant, and bewitching.”

Part weed, all beer, soaked with good times, one Cokegoat member has been kicked out of every band he’s ever been in. One has a positive word to say about every band he has ever seen and will travel to any city with a brewery. Another has a serious gear trading problem. Three guitars, three voices, bass, drums, and synths, together they ponder how a goat with a cocaine problem would act. They guess that goat would fuck your face off with riff heavy music that tastes like fresh flesh. What… You ask? They answer… Hell yes.

Rock Hard \m/

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