UFC: GSP Responds To Dana White’s Comment About Not Returning

Georges St-Pierre

The man who once dominated the UFC welterweight division and voluntarily left as the undisputed champion in 2013 has the desire to fight again, but ONLY if the terms are right. However, UFC President Dana White recently said that he doesn’t believe Georges St-Pierre will ever step back in the Octagon, that he has no desire to fight again.

According to GSP, White’s comment on his potential return to MMA is far from the truth.

I want to come back. They know the terms that I want, and trust me, I’m very reasonable. So it’s up to them, we tried. My agent tried to reach them and they’re hard to reach, but I guess they’re going to come back soon. Hopefully, we’ll see.

Over the past few months, White has been pretty critical on GSP’s return, but the former champion just responded that the president of the biggest MMA corporation in the history of the sport doesn’t know anything about him.

GSP said,

He doesn’t know anything about me, I’m a smart guy. I’m not the kind of guy you’re going to say that (about), and okay I’m going to sign right here, I’m going to fight for peanuts. No, I’m a smart person. It doesn’t work, these things on me. But I’m going to tell him something, to Dana, let me fight once and you’ll see in the first minute of the fight that what you just said is wrong.

Let me fight Tyrone Woodley, then we’ll see if I want to be world champion again. I understand what he means, and I’m not angry at Dana. He does what he does for the best of his interests. I do what I do for the best of my interests. One day when all of that is going to be over, we’ll probably be friends, like most of the guys who I’ve fought. But now, it’s like a game. He’s doing his game, I’m doing mine.

Before GSP vacated the welterweight title, he held the record for most wins in title bouts and the second longest combined title streak in UFC history (2,204 days).

Since 2013, he left the door open for a future return.

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