I, Apollo “Surface” The Governor

Post hardcore quintet I, Apollo have released the lyric video for their track “Surface,” from the Stranded EP. The track was inspired by The Governor, the diabolical dickhead from The Walking Dead. Featuring the album artwork by Dan Mumford (A Day to Remember, Miss May I), Corbin Thomas of wellcan media (Starset, Maroon Five, Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne, American Music Awards) brings this lyric video to life.

The sense of hopelessness, helplessness, loneliness, and pain created by The Governor’s evil deeds are illustrated through the song’s dark lyrics. Intense flashing lyrics hearken to lightning on a dark, stormy night as a girl stands alone atop a cliff looking over a city off in the distance, out of reach. Tentacles, a metaphor for The Governor’s evil, reach from the depths of hell to claim one more victim. Facing the choice between evil and an unknown fate, our heroine leaps from the cliff into a deep pit of uncertainty. The video ends with the girl once again standing atop a cliff, facing the future with hope.

Vocalist Brendyn Moxley commented:

If you’re a Walking Dead fan, the metaphors are strong in this one.

I,Apollo is a metalcore quintet from a small town in Ohio. The band is: Cole Smith (guitar), Brendyn Moxley (vocals), Justin Coleman (guitar), Andrew “Droopy” Laird (bass), and Quinten Hurd (drums).

Stranded was recorded with Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome! Studios in Bay City, MI. The EP was written in 2014, and the band scheduled studio time to record the five songs. Listening to scratch tracks the night before the recording session, the band decided to relieve their then vocalist of his duties. “It just wasn’t what we wanted to sound like.” With this move, the band had no lyrics, no vocalist, but headed to the Random Awesome! studios anyway. The plan was to just record instrumentals only. Once in the studio, the band decided to rewrite all the lyrics. Brendyn Moxley, moved from guitar to the mic and nailed it. I, Apollo found the sound they were looking for.

The songs on the EP tackle everything from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead, relationships, betrayal, growing up, honesty, life experiences, and modern dilemmas. The band comes through the music expressing views that speak directly to disenfranchised youth, music lovers, and the down-and-out looking for a voice in today’s music.

Rock Hard \m/

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