Heavy Montreal 2016: Pop Evil Interview With Leigh Kakaty [VIDEO]

What’s it like to hang out with Pop Evil’s Leigh Kakaty? Well, even if it was just a quick interview and our decorum had to be professional, it can only be said that it would probably be super cool to chill out with the frontman with a golden voice over a few beers.

Despite a strong Midwest upbringing, and huge love and loyalty for Michigan, Leigh and Pop Evil come packing a huge L.A. party sound that is contagious like a roar from the crowd.

If you’re like me, you’ll agree that it was really odd to have this band, this new darling of the active rock radio waves, perform so early in the day (first for their stage and second overall). From the perspective of getting the crowd into a happy, feel-good place it made sense to have them play for the sleepy-eyed. But Pop Evil could have just as easily been a refreshing change of pace later in the day as things began to cool off with a setting sun.

With that said, Pop Evil put on a great show. We were lucky enough to interview Leigh and we talked about the band’s new virtual reality project, bands of past eras, and the hardships of rock ‘n’ roll. Have a look in the player above for more.

Video and editing by King Hazard.

Text and host, Shawn Loeffler.

Rock Hard \m/

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