Amnesia Rockfest 2016: Day 1 Conclusion

Amnesia Rockfest 2016

After Twisted Sister, our energy was nearly spent, but we still managed to find the energy to see a few more sets. Honestly, it didn’t take too much out of us see some more excellent rock, but we did take a break and the time to refuel. And a massive $12.50 turkey drumstick took care of our appetite for the remainder of the day. It was so delicious and perfectly seasoned… and juicy.

After that, we were off to see Lagwagon. While King Hazard was closer to the stage, I hung around near the back of the crowd area and to be honest, the sound was that good so far back. The lyrics were indistinguishable and the music was murky.

Amnesia Rockfest 2016: Jane's Addiction

Amnesia Rockfest 2016: Jane’s Addiction

When Lagwagon wrapped up, it was time for Jane’s Addiction to take the stage. And what a commanding performance they put on, as they ripped through all of their hits. Everyone was on point and that bass guitar, at times, could have lulled you to sleep, but Jane’s give you plenty of reason to stay awake — if not for the incredible music, then for the sexy dancers that they had on stage with them.

And for our closer (despite there being Blink-182, Integrity, The Neverminds, and Flag remaining) the Dead Kennedys. Of course there was talk about how Jello Biafra was better, but I found myself in awe of Skip Greer, who exudes the energy of a 16-year-old boy who just got laid for the first time. I wish I could say that I was equally excited, but I know better and will thus stick with awe.

So, that completed our Day 1 at Amnesia Rockfest. I’ll wrap up Day 2 for you in a single post; stay tuned.

Rock Hard \m/

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