EXCLUSIVE Interview: Act Of Defiance, Starting From Zero

After Shawn Drover and Chris Broderick shockingly stepped away from Megadeth within days of each other, and shortly thereafter announced that the two of them were starting a new project together, the heavy metal collectively said, “What the fuck?”

Perhaps our dismay came from the statement that they had neither planned nor synchronized their leaving. Perhaps we were wondering just how true the little metal joke of referring to the band as MegaDave was. Perhaps we were wondering what this new band would sound like and if it was worth leaving one of the biggest metal draws. And I think we were all hoping for sake of Drover and Broderick that the new project wouldn’t suck.

Well, just days after Broderick came forth with the statement that he would have stayed if he was given more creative freedom, we at Yell! Magazine had the chance to see Act of Defiance live and to interview both Drover and Broderick. And we can now confirm that AOD does not suck. Granted, they aren’t reinventing the wheel, but they absolutely shred.

Being that they are on the road promoting their first album, Birth and the Burial, we naturally had to ask some questions about that… such as how much of it was written while in Megadeth and how much of it was Dave-rejected material. As well, we talked about the band’s frontman, Henry Derek, who sounds amazing, by the way.

Check out the interview in the player above, and, by all means, tell us what you think of Act of Defiance… and no, the name has nothing to do with defying their tenure in Megadeth.

One last note: It was an absolute treat to hear AOD perform a Pantera cover!

Rock Hard \m/

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