Soon A.D. Premieres “Gold Soul” [VIDEO]

The new track, “Gold Soul,” from Chapel Hill, North Carolina-based SOON A.D. (formerly Soon) is so ridiculously good that you can’t help but to love it immediately, play it again, and love it some more. Don’t believe me, hit play in the player above, enjoy the track and video.

Newcomers to Soon A.D. (and with a debut album, who’s not?) shouldn’t expect a thrash metal or death metal act; this is doom metal-ish, but it breaks those boundaries too. Soon A.D. have delivered a very spiritual and pagan/occult-like track here… and it’s awesome in its power and beauty.

The track comes by way of the band’s Vol. 1 debut, issued via Temple of Torturous. The album is out now and can be ordered here.

Rock Hard \m/

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