First Pics Revealed For The Rocky Horror Picture Show Reboot

The Rocky Horror Picture ShowThe Rocky Horror Picture ShowThe Rocky Horror Picture ShowThe Rocky Horror Picture ShowThe Rocky Horror Picture Show

Keep your pants on tight because the The Rocky Horror Picture Show hasn’t arrived yet. However, a set of first photos from the highly-anticipated two-hour reboot has been unleashed. So, I guess you could start an early celebration and rip your clothes off right now.

Entertainment Weekly was first to report all the images earlier today, which gives fans an early look at the new Dr. Frank-N-Furter previously played by Tim Curry (IT), Brad Majors, Janet Weiss, Riff Raff, and more. Laverne Cox is now playing everyone’s favorite doctor from Transsexual, Transylvania, who appears to have upgraded the look of Curry’s original portrayal in the 1975 musical-comedy.

Cox said,

It’s inspired by the original but it’s really our own take. It’s way more elaborate and couture. [Director] Kenny Ortega had this vision that Frank was at this old theater and found these old burlesque costumes and is, like, using them and wearing them now but has altered them a bit. We were on set and a reporter saw me and said I looked like the love child of Grace Jones and David Bowie. I said ‘That’s exactly right.’

Directed by Kenny Ortega (Hocus Pocus) and based on the cult classic feature film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, is a reimagining, which is celebrating 40 years of theatrical distribution of the original – longer than any other film in history.

The two-hour reboot will debut on Fox this fall.


THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW follows sweethearts Janet (Justice) and Brad (McCartan), who stumble upon Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s (Cox) bizarre abode. Frank-N-Furter, a sexually ambiguous, flirtatious alien mad-scientist – with the help of his faithful servants Riff Raff (Carney) and Magenta – is holding an annual, Transylvanian science convention to showcase the birth of “Rocky Horror” (Nair) – a fit, attractive man created solely to fulfill Frank’s desires.

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