Ghosts Again – The Closest Thing To Closure (2016) EP Review



Artist Ghosts Again Album The Closest Thing To Closure Release Date: 22 April 2016
Label 591300 Records DK2 Genre Post Hardcore


Post-hardcore outfit Ghosts Again have lit a fire with their newest EP, The Closest Thing to Closure. They borrow soundscapes from bands like letlive., Saosin, and even Underoath. Being compared to bands that have made legendary marks on the scene is a scary thing to do as both a band and the writer, but the similarities — and the band — speak for themselves.

The vocals are raspy and scratchy, naturally adding another layer to the in-your-face riffs and gripping pop of the songs. Ghosts Again are great at making their songs fall in line tone wise. There is not much harshness happening when the song sounds pretty, there is not much pretty when heaviness is dialed in. Ghosts Again center their dynamics on hook heavy choruses that are sandwiched by frantic instrumentals. “Pant’s Division (The End Is Silence)” is the standout track of this collection, utilizing all five minutes to create an emotional pull and release with the crushing lows and sonically gorgeous highs. Hearing the final moments play out sounds like an altogether different tune in contrast to what happened before hand.

Even after that rather stunning ending, “Les enfants terribles” stretches into some of the more choppier guitar work. The mixing feels a bit underwhelming, like the bass was scrapped altogether, the riffs lack depth in their approach. “Relive/revive” has a gigantic chorus section that shows off how high the vocals can soar above the music and feel natural with that damned infectious and lovable rasp — exploding and breaking as the song comes to a close. It’s memorable in the same light that Conditions was when they were around. “Eleven” is an honest outpouring rallying the band to give everything they can before exiting the stage and letting the fire continue on.

The Verdict:

The Closest Thing to Closure is the spark and start of a bands career. Ghosts Again know how to write their own styled sound, and will only continue to pack more of a punch in the industry as time goes on.

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