20th Century Fox Moving Forward With The Omen Prequel

The Omen
The Omen


If you have been enjoying the new Damien TV series on A&E, then continue reading because there’s much more haunting chants to come in the very near future. However, this time, the horror events will be set at a much earlier time than the classic Omen, which hit theaters 40 years ago.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox is currently working on The First Omen, a prequel which will tell the story before the original 1976 Omen movie. David S Goyer and Kevin Turen are tied to produce the prequel for horror fans who have been dying to know what happened before the antichrist was born in Rome. So I’m assuming The First Omen may take place in the Capital city of Italy, but it’s way too early to tell right now since development just started.

The First Omen is set to be directed by Antonio Compos, an American director and producer who had great success with Christine earlier this year at Sundance. It will be a supernatural horror, written by Ben Jacoby. Apparently, the film will be completely independent of the currently-running tie-in TV series, Damien, which Fox has running on the small screen.

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