Cane Hill, “The New Cheese Sauce” [Video]

If you like your heavy metal circa 1995, and if you like Powerman 5000 delivered from some frat-boy-looking singer backed by a bunch of Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson wannabe motherfuckers, then Cane Hill’s latest track might be for you. Never mind the balls it takes to call yourself “(The New) Jesus.”

Since we’ve all seen and heard this before, the most interesting thing about the video for “(The New) Jesus” was the tattooed girls. Sure, we’ve all seen tattooed models before, but at least they’re pretty to look at… every time.

And is it me, or does the chorus “the new Jesus is on the way” sound like “the new cheese sauce is on the way”?

Still, if for whatever reason you still like this recycled material (maybe you’ve been castrated) and want to buy it, pre-orders can be made here.

You shouldn’t, but if you can…

Rock Hard \m/

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