What Is “Wash Club”?

It might have some resemblances to Fight Club, but Wash Club from director Simon Dymond looks to be far less violent and schizophrenic. However, at this early stage, it similarly does seem to have the intention to dive deep into the human psyche in terms of our obsession to uncover the truth and how easily we can be persuaded to unintentionally become a part of something. Hmm, the filmmakers probably aren’t going there, but that does seem to be the recruiting methods of certain terrorist organizations.

Wash Club is running a CrowdFunder campaign, so check out the promo video above, then head on over to CrowdFunder and decide if you’d like to pay your dues and become a member.

Wash Club Synopsis:

Wash Club is the strange but true story of one man’s struggle to uncover a secret society of students who get into tumble driers for fun. Doug is an undergrad journalist who sees this strange subculture as an opportunity to kickstart his career — so he investigates. But the deeper he digs, the bigger the mystery becomes. Before long, Doug finds himself at the center of the very cult he was supposed to be investigating. Doug has to decide just how far he is willing to go for the sake of a good story.

Wash Club will be directed by Simon Dymond from a script by Ross Sutherland. Lauren Parker (Lab Rats) is producing.

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