Interview With George Katt, Star Of Sci-Fi Drama Alienated

george katt_alienated-3

george katt_alienated-3

Alienated, opening in cinemas March 25th and on VOD March 31st, is a science-fiction film with a difference, as star George Katt (Valley of Angels, Red Sheep) tells us.

The movie, a sci-fi drama, tells the story of man who, after seeing a UFO, is forced to confront the relationship issues between himself and his skeptical wife. Definitely not your typical sci-fi fare.

People are going to be surprised by Alienated. It’s definitely not your typical “alien invasion” movie. Was that what appealed to you about it?
Thank you. There was a lot that appealed to me about it. It was an actor’s piece that reminded me of some great stage plays. Very character driven. A lot of inner life things happening with the characters. The action just unfolds before your eyes between these people. Kazan used to say that was the best kind of theatre. Not about exposition – just watching the unravelling. It was that kind of a script I felt I could really sink my chops into and I was immediately gravitated to doing something like this for film.

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And could you relate to your character?
Yes, I’ve always had to find things to relate to any character I play. I found a lot I could relate to with Nate. The good, the bad, the ugly, and beautiful. There was a plethora of relation to work with.

Did you have a relationship with the filmmakers beforehand or did they reach out to you to play the role?
I knew Princeton, one of the producers, beforehand. We were introduced by a mutual friend. I had him over as a guest once at the Indies Lab and we kept connected. He was the one that sent my work to writer/director Brian Ackley. It was just one of those “fated” things that happened for this film. The pieces fell into place and they fell in pretty quickly.

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Was there much time beforehand for you and Jen Burry to get to know each other?
Not much at all. I believe it was a couple of weeks of rehearsal time between us. We didn’t have much time to prepare for it or early access to the script prior to being cast. But we instantly clicked and professionally worked very hard together since we didn’t actually have director Brian Ackley around until the first day of shooting. We basically rehearsed the project on our own and when we started rolling just trusted each other and lived through it all.

What are your memories of working with Taylor Negron?
Very fond. We became close quickly. Amazing man and soul. Deep. Wonderful and giving. Tremendous loss to not have him around on this earth.

You’ve done a lot of TV too. Do you prefer one medium over the other?
Stage, TV, and Film are all different in some form or another technically speaking. But when approaching the role or the work, I do it in a similar manner. With the heart and the same spirit. I love to work in my craft and always find it a blessing to be working in any form or medium. They are all different beasts. I love switching it up. As long as the role speaks to me, the people involved, or the script and the project — it is great. I have no specific preference.

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Can you tell us about the Indies Lab?
The Indies Lab is a multicultural ensemble I founded in New York City in 2010. It is a group of emerging and seasoned professional actors, writers, directors, and filmmakers driven by a commitment to artistic excellence, creative exploration, passion for significant work, and by our mission to nurture artistic growth and to develop, generate, and produce vital new works in independent cinema, television, and stage. It is a place I am very proud of that has been an artistic home to, and has helped and connected many artists.

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