Otep Unveils Generation Doom Album Art & Track Listing!



The details of Otep‘s seventh studio album, and Napalm Records debut, Generation Doom, have been revealed. The album is set for an April 15th release and the artwork and track listing have been revealed. Initial pre-orders are available here.

Otep commented on the new album:

Revolution is the opiate of the artist. In pain. We remain. But healed in the sweet addiction to art. We are. For this album, I unleashed my soul and allowed it to soar freely. I communed with the moon in the chrome of its light. I kissed the sun at its fiery height. I waged war with the Nightmare Kings, I sinned with the opalescent women in the roaring seas of poetry. On a cycloptic mare, hooves made of iron and air, I charged into the inky heart of art and roared at the old gods in the ashes of their ruin, ‘You can’t look away, WE ARE YOUR MISTAKE. WE… ARE…GENERATION DOOM!’

Generation Doom Track Listing:

1. Zero
2. Feeding Frenzy
3. Lords Of War
4. Royals (Lorde Cover)
5. In Cold Blood
6. Down
7. God Is A Gun
8. Equal Rights, Equal Lefts
9. No Color
10. Lie
11. Generation Doom
12. On The Shore

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