Interview: Fine Fine Titans Talk 2015, 2016, Hair Color, And Renaissance

Fine Fine Titans is a post-hardcore band that features an aggressive style that stands out because of vocalist Jennifer Bartlett’s powerful delivery. Her cadences are dark and blend well with the grueling instrumental work led by Evan Bartlett. Yell! Magazine had the opportunity of interview both Evan and Jenn about 2016, wrapping up the Holidays, and hair colors.

Fine Fine Titans! Welcome to Yell! Magazine, how are we feeling today?
Jenn: Hey Sean! Feeling pretty spectacular and excited for the weekend. Thank you!

Evan: Well, thank you! Feeling great!

With the new year approaching fast, any last-minute items you need to do to make this year even better? Stoked for any New Year’s kisses?
Jenn: We’re about to wrap up the year with a very exciting show… CI Productions and August Burns Red Annual Christmas Show in Pennsylvania, so it’s really just about packing up for the weekend and making sure we make the most of the trip. As for New Years kisses… our dogs make for the best make-out partners.

Evan: Playing the August Burns Red Christmas show will definitely make the year better. Can’t wait for it and it’ll be the perfect way to round out 2015.

What is the best resolution you have made and successfully completed?
Jenn: I have no recollection of New Year’s resolutions, which probably means whatever I tried for didn’t quite stick. I much prefer to start those ideas before winter hits so I feel like I’m ahead of the quitting or failing game.

Evan: Eating more pizza. I’ve definitely been successful with it and have never felt better.


Congratulations on releasing Renaissance! It’s sporadic and full of beautiful dissonance, how has the reaction made you all feel?
Jenn: Thank you! For the most part, we’ve been feeling pretty good about the release. The last year felt like it was absolutely crawling and I felt like I could literally peel away my skin in anticipation, so now that it’s out and we can move on, I feel much more at ease. Excited even. Every album is bound to get negative feedback and that’s all fair in the game of art, but it’s been truly a pleasure.

Evan: The reaction has been great. As with any release, there’s been negative comments, but for the most part we’ve received a lot of great responses and support. Can’t wait for the next one!

fine fine titans_Jenn

This is more toward Jennifer, but I enjoy the constant change of hair color; any plans on what’s next or is the blue-purple sticking around?
Jenn: It’s funny you say that… two days before this interview, I decided that the violet had a good run. I hung out with the blonde for a minute but an ice storm hit, my appointments for the day canceled and I had just restocked my entire color line and so I got a bit carried away… with blues, greens, and yellows. There really is never a plan.

The natural range of the vocals is way more raspy and low than most other post-hardcore bands, does that put the scope of your writing in that more low-end as well?
Jenn: We never actually decided that in the beginning, but as we began to write with lower tunings more frequently, I did find that it seems to fit my chest voice a bit more easily. If I move up into my falsetto range, none of it matters, but I rarely do that in Fine Fine Titans. That may very well change as we continue to write.

What are your opinions of Glassjaw’s return?
Jenn: SO STOKED! That is a band that has greatly inspired the lot of us and it’s always exciting to get fresh music from these guys.

Evan: Best. Band. Ever. Can’t wait to hear the new record!

What is up next in 2016?
Evan: New music and tours. I can’t wait to get started and to hit the road.

Jenn: We’ve been anxiously awaiting the next step and what that is, we’re not sure. This is a pinnacle point for us I feel… we can’t drop the ball but we also have to be particular about how we handle the new year. It may be make or break.

Last words?
Evan: Thanks for having us!

Jenn: And so, so sorry that this took so long to get back to you! We appreciate you taking the time to do this and hopefully we will have much more to talk about going into 2016.

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