It Lies Within: Paramount (2016) Album Review



Artist It Lies Withing Album Paramount Release Date: 18 January 2016
Label Luxor Records Genre Metalcore

As many times as I express my discontent for metalcore I still find myself listening to new releases from the genre. I’m like the disheartened grandfather who doesn’t understand the youth culture but still tries to participate. And rightfully so, there are still some bands out there that know how to make sick grooves that are both heavy and interesting, forcing me to at least nod my head to the rhythm. It Lies Within are here first to open the mosh pit of 2016 with their album Paramount.

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Combining EDM and styles of metal has been steadily becoming almost a standard thing to hear in modern metalcore. Plenty of groups have effortlessly combined the style before. Honestly, the electronic wubs can bring out a different kind of melody (albeit senseless) during the nonstop chugging patterns. It Lies Within take this recipe and beat it into the listeners head throughout their 35 minute album.

Take the opening to “Starscream” as a perfect example. The synths ride on top of the guitars. The deep tone of the guitars resonate well with the keys, bringing a bit more pop to the track. Or the bridge of “You Won’t Bury Me” sounds more sinister with the keys holding onto notes that groan underneath the rest of the instruments. It’s small details like this that showcase when a band is showing care to make their songs interesting.


Another thing to mark in the positive for It Lies Within is their vocal presence. The screams are harsh and the raspy throated yells blend well with the rest of the concussive music. It’s not very often I find myself enjoying metalcore records, but with Paramount, it’s not as predictable and monotonous as one would think. There will still be the usual chug repetition that can bore their way through certain tracks, especially when the band follows the “verse, scream, chorus, sing, breakdown” recipe that has been over processed one too many times.


Tracks like “Depths of Struggle” and “Broken Streets” do a lot to make the track interesting but it doesn’t overrule the passive aggressive take on using electronic music in metal with bubbly womp-womp chugs happening.

The Verdict:

Paramount is packed with plenty of melody and rhythm, It Lies Within showcase a friendly version of metalcore that bites and barks with a blend of synthesizers and guitars.

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