Moloken’s “Seventh Circle” Is A Downer, But It’s Killer [VIDEO]

Swedish progressive sludge metallers, Moloken, have a song for you if you’re feeling down about yourself and where your life has brought you up till this point. Earlier today, the band released the video for “Seventh Circle,” which, according to the band:

Deals with the painful acknowledgment that you have reached the end of a circle on your life path. And in order to move on, you have no other choice than to dive deep into yourself, accepting your pain to be cleansed and reborn. All is left to see. There’s a storm coming and Hell follows in its wake; my vessel capsized; waves come rolling and all is set loose. Beneath a raging light, into the darkness from whence I came…

Catch the performance video in the player above. The video was captured while the band performed at Discouraged Festival in Umeå, Sweden in 2014.

“Seventh Circle” can be found on the freshly released All Is Left To See. Order the album here.

Rock Hard \m/

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