Progressive Metal’s Dissona Are Amazing On “Odium”


On January 15th, Chicago-based progressive metal outfit, Dissona, will release their new album, Paleopneumatic. You can get a taste of it right now in the player above with the new track “Odium.” The track is really amazing from start to finish. The guitars have a great, crunchy tone to them, there are moments of gorgeously intricate drum rhythms, and the vocals are rough and course, failing to play into the typical progressive tropes. The track twists and turns through several styles, but always maintains its building crescendo. I wish it could say that it explodes like a suitcase full of C-4, but, no, the track more or less fades out. Perhaps it leads into the next track, which, if it does, should continue to build on the intensity.

Dissona explains the track, “Odium”:

‘Odium’ is a metaphorical character profile of a being with little to no regard for the preservation of life. From a musical standpoint, the song develops and builds through several rhythmic and melodic changes until reaching an immense climax. All the while, maintaining a dark, exotic atmosphere.

can be pre-ordered via Dissona’s Bandcamp page.


Paleopneumatic Track Listing:

1. Another Sky
2. Fire-Bellied
3. Outside the Skin
4. Breach
5. Totality
6. Odium
7. Anastomosis
8. Lysis
9. The Last Resistance
10. Sunderance

Dissona Is:

David Dubenic – Vocals
Matt Motto – Guitars
Craig Hamburger – Bass
Drew Goddard – Drums/Percussion

Rock Hard \m/

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